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C&D Zodiac, Inc. v. B/E Aerospace, Inc.

Board declined to consider evidence of secondary considerations of nonobviousness because it was presented in the form of new testimonial evidence created after the filing date of the petition for inter partes review.
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Target Corporation v. Destination Maternity Corporation

Board denied Target's motion to join a post-bar date petition with another of its earlier filed petitions holding that only another party, not another petition, can be joined.
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Canon, Inc. v. Intellectual Ventures, LLC

Board cited redundancy in proposed grounds as justification for refusing to institute grounds included in three separate petitions filed by the same petitioner
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Osram Sylvania Inc. v. Jam Strait, Inc.

Board held that preamble phrase "adapted for" limited claim scope because the specification made clear that the claimed invention was specifically adapted for a particular application.
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Edmund Optics, Inc. v. Semrock, Inc.

Board declined to find disavowal because statements in specification were not clear and unequivocal.
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Hyundai Motor Company v. American Vehicular Sciences LLC

Board denied to institute redundant grounds after finding Petitioner's non-redundancy arguments were inadequate.
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SAP America, Inc. v. Lakshmi Arunachalam

Board denied pro se Patent Owner's request to suspend proceedings based on alleged improprieties in related litigation because the post grant proceedings were independent of the litigation.
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SAP America, Inc. v. Pi-Net International, Inc.

Board held that uncorroborated inventor testimony was not sufficient to antedate an anticipatory reference.
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Global Tel*Link Corporation v. Securus Technologies, Inc.

Board determined that no terms required construction.
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Respironics, Inc. v. ZOLL Medical Corporation

Board denied Patent Owner's motion to amend because Patent Owner's string cites failed to show that the substitute claim had proper support in the original disclosure.

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